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Trusted to deliver. Proven to exceed.

What we stand for

For more than 20 years, Amalgamated Property Group has forged new pathways in residential and commercial property development that put your neighbourhood, your lifestyle, and your home at the forefront.

Amalgamated’s diverse projects are delivered in Canberra and Queensland with a distinct level of honesty, integrity and excellence, garnering an industry reputation founded on trust and respect.

Our award-winning property portfolio is led by an inspired ambition to innovate the way today’s Australians, and the generations that follow, live personally, professionally, and together.

We’re proud of our legacy. We’re visionary in our outlook. And we’re excited for the future.

The Amalgamated Property Group Difference

We’ve made impactful contributions to our built environment through developments that enrich our broader neighbourhoods and our Cities, to add genuine long-term value. This is our proud legacy.

We collaborate closely with our industry leading partners to ensure each project excels in livability, and more importantly, fosters a sense of belonging for its residents. Amalgamated Property Group proudly delivers exceptional spaces bound by community experience.

See what we deliver

  • Industry leading executives
  • Value-aligned partners
  • People-driven spaces
  • Future-planned communities