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Innovating the way today’s Australians, and the generations that follow, live personally, professionally, and together.

Community is a key ingredient of Amalgamated Property Group’s success and eminence in the Australian property market. Mindful of our social, economic and environmental impact, our experienced team exercises great care with consultation and engagement with relative representatives to identify the real needs of residents. We give back to our communities, both local and interstate, adding value and livability beyond the expected.


Amalgamated Property Group prioritises sustainability and promotes supplier responsibility. We act ethically, endeavouring to reduce the environmental impact of our developments. These efforts are evident in each and every one of our technology-driven spaces that utilise energy-efficient design elements to limit wasted resources and harness our own potential for energy production. Our ambition as property developers is to tread with integrity, to tread lightly upon our planet and become a force of positive environmental change.


We believe in the true value of community. Not only do we place people at the core of each development and strive to improve the lives of those inhabiting or working within them, but as a company, we actively engage in volunteering, fundraising and advocacy to address the needs of the communities we can influence.