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Creating places to be admired and enjoyed for generations.

The combination of our values and our experience drives us to strike a balance between the needs of the occupants and the surrounding community. With careful analysis and community engagement, we find the sweet spot where we can truly add value. We are mindful of the social, economic and environmental impact we can have and challenge ourselves to do things better – we give back to the community, because we are part of the community.

With our strong principles and values, we prioritise ethical behaviour, we empower our people and promote supplier responsibility.

We constantly aim for energy efficiency and a low carbon footprint where possible. We are always looking to improve on our environmentally sustainable practices.

We have integrity and an ambition to be a positive contributor. We are inclusive in our thinking and in our actions. We want to deliver visions whilst developing futures.


At Amalgamated, we endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of the buildings we develop. These efforts are evident in energy-efficient building designs that reduce wasted resources and power consumption. We pride ourselves on our commitment to using innovative techniques and technologies to achieve the best and sustainable outcomes.


We strive to improve the communities in which we operate and develop new communities that improve the lives of those that inhabit them. Our people are actively engaged in volunteering, fundraising and advocacy to address the needs of the communities we touch.