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Hundreds gathered for Kulture Break’s 24-Hour Movement Challenge, smashing last year’s record by more than 100 per cent, and Amalgamated Property Group were once again proud to participate. Just shy of 300 people took part in the challenge on Friday 15 September – an epic surge from 120 in its inaugural year in 2022.

Kulture Break CEO, Francis Owusu, has said “the more than 100 per cent increase in participation rate felt like confirmation that the ACT community was invested in better mental health for its youth and that the event concept was an effective way to raise awareness. Shared suffering brings people together. It builds stronger teams and makes us more resilient.”

Every 24 hours a young person takes their life – hence the 24-hour challenge. Kulture Break want to interrupt this cycle with more during and after-school early intervention programs; Kulture Break is a not-for-profit social enterprise mental health and wellbeing community service provider committed to the transformation and empowerment of children and youth. Their school programs focus on wellbeing and inclusion and build individual confidence, identity and belonging at a time when many mental health issues take hold, at school age.

This year, the event raised over $100,000 towards this goal.

The 24-Hour Challenge involved corporate teams and individuals from all over Canberra undertaking a continuous 24 hours of movement, including walking, strength exercise, machine movements, team games and dance.

“We started this movement in Canberra, but our long-term vision is to have our programs available in schools across the nation,” Francis said.

“We want every student to have the same access and opportunities to build resilience through movement programs.”

For more information about Kulture Break, take a look at their website or follow them on social media.

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