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“APG’s latest development in Phillip; Ivy, will bring a new lease of life to this part of Woden,” said Phil O’Brien, General Manager, Amalgamated Property Group. “The development will include a range of amenities including secure parking; an onsite rejuvenation centre; a resort themed pool; outdoor recreational lawn; and Dining Pavilions and outdoor BBQ areas.

“With this development there has been a focus on providing a broader range of living options for existing Woden Valley residents looking to downsize, with consequential benefits in terms of freeing up larger suburban housing stock. Nearly 30% of the apartments will be adaptable, allowing ‘living in place’ options for aging residents.

‘’Our community consultation has identified this as a key attribute, so that existing Woden Valley residents can remain in the precinct they love within the security and comfort of a new home.

“Our Woden Valley community consultation process has been an integral part of designing this development. Other key features, such as a focus on cyclists with planned integrated site access, have come about as a result of this consultation.

“This development will bring a new lease of life to the Woden Valley Town Centre. The high quality design will set a new benchmark for future developments in the town centre, encouraging a more considered design ethos and community engagement model. Given its position on a main approach route, the development will present as a highly visible symbol of confidence in the future of Woden Town Centre.”